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What it is  

The Strong® Interest Inventory is an invaluable tool for Career Development, helping people navigate the potential minefield of career decisions. It is widely used both at the start of a person’s professional development journey and at any subsequent point, inspiring ideas for the changes, additions and refinements that define a successful portfolio career.

Career Development

Retain your best employees by motivating them and recognising their needs.


Strong empowers people to identify rich and fulfilling career paths.  At work or at school, at any point in life.


Lower the risk of hiring. Support your recruitment decisions by matching the right people to the right job.


Strong provides reliable data about a person’s interests and work preferences to find a new job for them.

A Strong move

Get insights that enable your talent and candidates to identify a fulfilling career or potential change of role.


Let us know what you need and get a polished and professional Strong program delivered to your organisation.

Plan for a better Future

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71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

Our Specialties

  • Financial
  • Product Design
  • Social Media
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What you get with Strong

Whether you choose Strong for Career Development or Career Orientation, you:

Identify where a person’s interests lie in within 6 General Occupational Themes and 30 professional fields, from the arts to law.

Get an overview of the participant’s personal style accross 5 workplace themes, including team-working, leadership and risk-taking.

See a rank of the top ten most compatible occupations. The results are based on large, representative norms.
Can combine with the MBTI® to offer a complete career development picture, based on interests and personality insights.


The Strong assessment relies on how people of similar interests are employed, and what motivates them in the workplace. By taking this more comprehensive view, the instrument expands an individual’s horizons, enabling them to consider previously unthought of career paths and adapt to workplace changes such as outplacement. Get in contact to get more information and feel free to have a look at some questions you might have.
How does it work?
  • We meet to discuss your team needs
  • Your team gets an online and confidential questionnaire to fill in
  • If desired, each team member receives a follow-up one-to-one session to go over their individual details
  • We have a team session to see the team level results, how to improve collaboration, actionable plans on how to work better together.
  • If desired, we provide individual coaching sessions.
Do you Offer Long-Term Services?
Yes, it’s great that you ask! Strong can be implemented in one day or morning but to really bring the team to their best, you will want an ongoing approach. We provide coaching, follow up sessions and tailored programs to provide long-term support to your team.
What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

We work with any company that is eager to create a great working environment where all of their talents can excel.  This includes,

  • Big international companies, where you can find very different cultures, working styles and personalities.
  • Small – medium-sized companies, facing culture changes.
  • Individuals and freelancers.
Does it work with Virtual teams?

Yes! Not only we can implement Strong virtually to multiple locations, but Coaching for Work can also help you build effective virtual teams.

What are the key benefits?
  • Empowers people to identify rich and fulfilling career paths
  • Gives different perspectives on careers, from general areas of interest to specific occupations
  • Provides robust and reliable data about a person’s interests and work preferences
  • Applicable to both educational and professional environments
  • Helps reduce risk when recruiting, developing key players or making major development investments
  • Helps organisations retain employees by motivating them and recognising their needs.
How much does it cost?
There’s no fixed price. We would need to discuss your needs and adjust accordingly. A few things that will influence your investment:

  • How many people will be a part of this initiative?
  • Is Strong part of a more extensive program to grow your teams?
  • Are the sessions conducted online or in person? Is there a need to travel?
  • Which materials will you want to give to the participants (reports only, books, one-pager, research papers, etc.)?
Where are you?
Coaching for Work is based in Zurich. We can simply work together in person if you are in Switzerland. If not, we can do this virtually, or we can discuss travel arrangements.
People who are unfamiliar with the Strong are typically surprised at how accurately it identifies their own interests. Often it identifies fields of work that they had thought about but never really considered.
Shondi Lee

Educational Support Program Manager, Riverside County, California

The Strong has exceeded our expectations. It helps build prospecting confidence, quells anxiety, and provides real-world examples of target markets. It has become the ‘lead story’ in our target-marketing saga. It all starts with the Strong. We don’t talk about target marketing without talking about the Strong – it is that invaluable.
Michael Klein

PsyD, Field Training and Development, MassMutual

A solid fondation

When working with Coaching for Work, you rely on:

Strong assessment distributor & content provider

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Certified Coach and ICF member
Test User Certified by the British Psychological Society

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Maximize the business relationships of your teams with Strong with a personalized and professional execution.