Remote but still connected

Make your teams work, Especially now 

What you get from Coaching for Work:

crafted solutions to bring your team together, in times of WFH, scattered work and teams

Creating real teams and supporting them through their different challenges and stages is a continuous adventure. 

That is why we design and facilitate events and programs tailored specifically to its need.  

Creating the best teams anywhere

Coaching for Work is the ideal team builder for international companies interested in tailored solutions.

The aim is to provide excellent partnership to a few companies on a regular basis.

Therefore, you will get a unique approach, based on professional and scientifically proven tools.


  • Team Development and Team Dynamics
  • Performance Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategy Communication
  • Planning Sessions
  • Professional Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategy Communication
  • Personality Assessments, incl. FIRO-B, MBTI, Strength Finder
  • Ability Tests, incl. Intelligence, Verbal, Numerical Aptitude

More services for you at Coaching for Work

Individual performance

For instance, you might want to enable great performers or manage low performers. In addition, maybe you want to support Career Development or boost motivational.

Also, maybe someone needs to iron out soft skills or full on professional coaching. Either way, we are here for you.

Being motivated and successful takes different things, at different times. So, with a personal approach, your team members will have a dedicated support to be at their best.

Leadership development

Great leaders create and nurture great teams.

Coaching for Work can support both and seasoned managers who want to be the managers they wish they had.

Additionally, we also support those who manage without authority in complex organizations. 

All in all, Coaching for Work can help you reach your full leadership potential. For that, we provide a trusting and confidential environment.

team development

It takes strategy and planning. You need to manage conflict, and improve dynamics on a regular basis.

And those reorgs – how to make them successful?

On top of it, it is not just your team, it is important to work effectively across teams and time zones.

Certainly, Coaching for Work can deliver solutions for unique teams, enabling growth and creativity.