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Get a tailored partnership to support you making your teams great(er). 

Recruitment, Team Development, Transition to Manager Roles, Career Management, Change Implementation.

It’s our passion, based on solid skills and credentials. 


BUILD: Selecting the best people

We work on a Recruitment plan to fulfil your needs and find the best candidates for you.

As an example, we can implement Saville Aptitude Tests to screen out from a large pool of candidates, Able Series Assessments to pick the final people and Personality Assessments to get a solid overview of each candidate. It’s a Fair, Ethical and Holistic approach that will also save you time and energy.


CREATE: Team Union

Going from a group of people to a united team that feels united is an amazing challenge. 

We implement professional assessments that will enable this process by highlighting personal needs, styles and ways of working and communicating. ANd providing strategies to work effectively together. 

For example, MBTI can help identifying each person and the team’s preferences on how they behave and FIRO to identify their relationship needs. 


STRENGTHEN: Growing Better

All teams go through different phases and it’s only natural to go from “everyone playing nice” to having conflict, struggles for power, people that just don’t seem to be able to get along.

With the right approach, you can bring your teams to their best, with respect, cooperation and creativity. 

You can use TKI to turn conflict into a positive energy, Firo and MBTI for the team to get to know and understand each other better. And get tactics on how to be more efficient. 

Finally, everyone, including the leaders, might benefit from EJI to learn how to harness Emotional Intelligence to everyone’s benefit.


EXPAND: More can be Better

As your business expands, so do your teams. That changes the dynamics of working together. And as new people join the team, everything evolves. 

To make sure, your teams are at their best, we can partner to enable them with the right insights, strategies and tools.

For instance, TKI will make sure the team is engaging in constructive conflict that moves you forward; MBTI and Firo that the team understands, values and benefits from everyone’s preferences, styles and needs. 


ADAPT: Because things change

Completing a major project, Organisational changes, downsizing, new strategy, Market changes… so much and everything can happen. Maybe it’s time for your team to rethink itself. Or some of your great people need a different role in the company. 

Strong is stellar at Career Development and Orientation. EJI can help you navigate Change- or implement it. MBTI and FIRO will provide insights on how to recognize, appreciate and motivate each person in your team. 

Why partner with Coaching for Work

When partnering with Coaching for Work, you rely on a solid foundation of experience and credentials. But most of all, you partner with someone who is delighted to see people and teams grow and be at their best.


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