Coaching the Best to their Best

Passionate about People. Obsessed with Development.

About your coach

Making your teams excel is critical for your success. But how to bring the best out of people and make them work together with high performance and results? 
This is where Coaching for Work comes in. You get a set of solutions tailored to each phase and challenge of your teams.
I have a spicy mixture of business, coaching and psychology background. I thrive at enabling others to be motivated and able to give their best, individually and as part of a team.


  • Training & Development
  • Business and Marketing Knowledge
  • Program Management
  • People Development

What to expect

You want to bring your team to the best it can be and that will be our main goal. My philosophy is to have a positive approach to make things even better. It’s not about “fixing” people or teams. The idea is to identify what’s needed and see how to take the most out of it. Then we can bring the best out of everyone and enable them to excel together
So what can you expect?
  1. We start by having a briefing session to understand your needs. You talk, we listen.
  2. Keeping confidentiality, we discuss your situation and the current challenges you are facing.
  3. With that in mind, we can design a solution that fits the goal and you are comfortable with.
  4. Then, we put it into practice.  
  5. But we don’t stop here, we need to measure results, see what worked, what didn’t. Again, the idea is to enable your teams, not just to have a nice team building event that everyone will forget about. 


Finally, it’s important to have an ongoing system in place to help people succeed. Having a one-off initiative is not going to have any meaningful impact – it’s a waste of your time and money.
Even when participants praise a given event, the results are suboptimal. Real change only happens when we see an ongoing message from leadership. And this can only happen with a frequent and consistent set of actions that impact your team.
To be clear, this is all about making your team succeed. 
And to support you and your team in your journey, you can benefit from many different tools:

Individual Coaching

Grow your talent with One to One Coaching. It is tailored to each person, with clear results and expectations.
If what you want to grow each person, then Individual Coaching is the way to go.
You get confidential and ongoing sessions with a certified coach. Here are the different types of coaching are available to you:
Executive Coaching

Great leaders have an amazing impact throughout the organisation. With Executive Coaching, the focus is on being able to have the greatest influence on others. These sessions provide a unique and confidential platform for new and seasoned leaders. Here, leaders have a safe space to prepare for key moments, discuss issues and make decisions.

New Managers
We often see great talent transition to management roles without adequate support. And, very often, they struggle and harm their careers and contribution to the company.
Usually, management roles need a very different set of skills and expectations. Thus, it is important to enable a smooth transition. An external coach can provide the space to explore this transformation.
Performance Management
No one wants low performers. And no one wants to be a low performer.

We can help you understand why someone is not delivering. Based on that, we can define a development plan and work through it together. This includes a comprehensive approach, with the utmost respect for everyone involved.

Career Development
Connecting each person to their full potential, with clear goals and a plan to grow.
This can involve preparing for a leadership position, excel in their current path or change roles

Team Dynamics

Create, grow and improve teams with custom made experiences.
Your team, at their best.
At different times, your team will go through different phases and challenges. By working together, we can enable them to perform with high results and motivation.
Create a Team
Whether is a new set of people or adding several new members, it’s important to create a real sense of team. We can work together in order to build a shared goal and purpose for the team. Taking a step further, we can collaborate on clarifying roles and responsibilities, processes and ways of working and collaborating within the team and with others.
Grow a Team
Bringing a team to their best requires dedication and work. Typical areas of focus to grow and improve a team include Team Dynamics, Dealing with Conflict, Communication Styles and Negotiation skills.

We can also explore areas around Motivation and Change, particularly when the team is facing a reorganization, change in priorities or adaptations of the market and company. In this case, it’s important to embrace change and identify how to use it to the team’s advantage.


Sunset a Team
For a variety of reasons a team’s purpose might cease to exist: the projects are finalised, there was a reorganisation or people have moved on to different challenges. In this case, it’s healthy and beneficial to provide closure, celebrate the achievements and acknowledge the milestones and lessons learned.

Don’t let the end of a chapter go unnoticed but rather take the most out of it for the benefit of those in the team and for the company at large.


Official Tools that explore Ability and Personality. Available for Recruiting and Development.
The Ability and Personality Assessments aim at raising awareness around specific topics. They are science and research-based and can be used individually or in a group setting. You choose.
Based on your recruitment needs and job requirements, we can pick the right Ability Assessment and Analysis for your candidates. Ensure a better fit for each role.

All Ability Assessments are Official and delivered by a certified professional.

Bringing the best out of people can be made easier with Assessments that bring awareness and a way forward in areas such as Interpersonal Needs, Communication Styles, Dealing with Conflict and Personality Traits.

All Personality Assessments are Official and delivered by a certified professional.