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What it is  

The Saville Assessment aptitude assessments will help you screen out large numbers of applicants for a role, and then select the best ones for the next recruiting phase. Measure cognitive ability in a fair, ethical and efficient way.


Available tests

Online: OPPassessment

  • Swift Analysis Aptitude-Rx (Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic)
  • Swift Comprehension Aptitude-Rx (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Swift Technical Aptitude-R (Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic)


  • Swift Analysis Aptitude (Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic)
  • Swift Comprehension Aptitude (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Swift Technical Aptitude (Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic)
  • Professional Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic)
  • Work Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic)
  • Operational Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Commercial Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Customer Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Administrative Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Practical Aptitudes (Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic)

Recommended Approach

1. Screen out a large pool of candidates with Saville

2. Learn more about the abilities of the best ones with Able

3. Compliment the information on your candidates with Personality Assessments


Let us know what you need and get a polished and professional selection package for you.

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71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

Our Specialties

  • Financial
  • Product Design
  • Social Media
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What you get with Saville


You can select from a wide range of assessments that can be implemented online or with pencil and paper.

The tests are available in a multitude of languages, for the candidate’s convenience. The reports are user friendly and to the point. 
Designed to measure the skills required for many types and levels of role, such as management, technical staff, sales operations, graduates…
You can combine you Aptitude Tests with Personality Assessments, making the Selection process seemless and more integrated.

In Detail

You can benefit from several of the Saville Assessment aptitude assessments online, saving you time and money. Furthermore, you get a fair, ethical and reliable way of screening out a large number of candidates. Finally, you can combine personality and ability assessment in a single project, so you get a holistic view of your candidates.

Get in contact for more information and feel free to have a look at some questions you might have. 


For further details about the assessments, including information about what types of candidate they can be used for and which concepts they measure, please visit the Saville Assessment website.

How does it work?
  • We discuss your needs
  • Your candidates gets an online and confidential questionnaire to fill in
  • If desired, we provide individual coaching sessions.
Do you Offer Long-Term Services?
Yes, it’s great that you ask! Saville can be implemented in one day or morning but to really bring the team to their best, you will want an ongoing approach. We provide coaching, follow up sessions and tailored programs to provide long-term support to your team.
What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
We work with any company that is eager to create a great working environment where all of their talents can excel.  This includes,


  • Big international companies, where you can find very different cultures, working styles and personalities.
  • Small – medium-sized companies, facing culture changes.
  • Individuals and freelancers.
Does it work with Virtual teams?

Yes! We can implement Saville virtually to multiple locations.

What are the key benefits?
  • Cost and Time efficient process to screen out a large number of candidates
  • Efficient, Fair, Ethical and Reliable Selection Process
  • Can be combined with Able to select the final candidates
  • Can be combined with Personality Assessments to get a holistic view of the candidates
How much does it cost?
There’s no fixed price. We would need to discuss your needs and adjust accordingly. A few things that will influence your investment:


  • How many people will be a part of this initiative?
  • Is Saville part of a more extensive program to grow your teams?
  • Are the sessions conducted online or in person? Is there a need to travel?
  • Which materials will you want to give to the participants (reports only, books, one-pager, research papers, etc.)?
Where are you?
Coaching for Work is based in Zurich. We can simply work together in person if you are in Switzerland. If not, we can do this virtually, or we can discuss travel arrangements.
The FIRO-B is a ‘safe’ framework to achieve some very deep insights into team dynamics, helping teams enhance trust and openness between members so they can work towards common goals much more effectively.
Lisa Gresty

Organisational Development Practitioner, Mid-Cheshire NHS

A solid foundation

When working with Coaching for Work, you rely on:

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Test User Certified by the British Psychological Society

Get your teams to their best

Get the best people on your team with Saville Aptitude Assessment, implemented in a tailored and professional manner.