Unlocking emotional intelligence

EJI - Emotional Intelligence - Emotional Judgement Inventory

Using emotional Information for better business and relations

What it is  

The Emotional Judgment Inventory™ (EJI™) is a robust measure of emotional intelligence. It can help heighten business performance in the areas of leadership, influencing, negotiation and resilience.

COMMUNIcation & negotiation

Learn to use factual and emotional information about yourself and others to strengthen your communication and negotiation skills.


EJI strengthens coaching by supporting individuals to become better at managing their own’s emotions and those of others, improving performance and relationships.

Recruitment & Career growth

Directly measure the capacity to identify and manage emotions. Use it to assess the potential of a candidate or a career development opportunity

Leadership and INFLUENCE

The most effective people use emotional intelligence to  identify and manage emotions. EJI helps taping in to emotions when inspiring and motivating others.

It’s for everyone

Everyone can improve their emotional intelligence. EJI lets you know where a person is and how to enhance their emotional intelligence.


Let us know what you need and get a polished and professional EJI program delivered to your team or individuals.

Plan for a better Future

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71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

Our Specialties

  • Financial
  • Product Design
  • Social Media
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What you get with EJI

Whether you choose EJI for Recruitment or for existing Talent Development, you:

Benefit from the most respected model of emotional intelligence, developed by Salovey & Mayer. EJI provides precise measurement of the traits identified.

Identify 7 key aspects showing how well respondents identify and manage emotions, and how well they can adapt and problem-solve using emotional information.
Get an impression management scale that detects faking or distortion from the respondent. This way, you get results you can rely on.
Receive a report for describing the findings, proving a solid and objective basis for further interpretation and discussion in your organization.


Nurture individual performance by recognising and effectively using emotional information. The goal is to tap into aspects of ability and personality not touched upon by other tools. This way, EJI provides a unique and complementary perspective to drive performance. Get in contact for more information and feel free to have a look at some questions you might have.
How does it work?
  • We meet to discuss your team needs
  • Your team gets an online and confidential questionnaire to fill in
  • If desired, each team member receives a follow-up one-to-one session to go over their individual details
  • We have a team session to see the team level results, how to improve collaboration, actionable plans on how to work better together.
  • If desired, we provide individual coaching sessions.
Do you Offer Long-Term Services?
Yes, it’s great that you ask! EJI can be implemented in one day or morning but to really bring the team to their best, you will want an ongoing approach. We provide coaching, follow up sessions and tailored programs to provide long-term support to your team.
What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

We work with any company that is eager to create a great working environment where all of their talents can excel.  This includes,

  • Big international companies, where you can find very different cultures, working styles and personalities.
  • Small – medium-sized companies, facing culture changes.
  • Individuals and freelancers, wanting to get a healthy start with positive relationships with partners and clients.
Does it work with Virtual teams?

Yes! Not only we can implement EJI virtually to multiple locations, but Coaching for Work can also help you build effective virtual teams.

What are the key benefits?
  • Relies on the most respected model of emotional intelligence, providing precise measurement of Emotional Intelligence traits
  • Measures seven critical aspects of Emotional
    Intelligence, showing how well respondents
    identify and manage their own and others’
    emotions, and how well they can adapt and
    problem-solve using emotional information
  • Includes an impression management scale that
    detects faking or distortion
  • Offers a report for practitioners describing the
    instrument’s findings, providing a solid and
    objective basis for further interpretation.
How much does it cost?
There’s no fixed price. We would need to discuss your needs and adjust accordingly. A few things that will influence your investment:

  • How many people will be a part of this initiative?
  • Is this tool part of a more extensive program to grow your teams?
  • Are the sessions conducted online or in person? Is there a need to travel?
  • Which materials will you want to give to the participants (reports only, books, one-pager, research papers, etc.)?
Where are you?
Coaching for Work is based in Zurich. We can simply work together in person if you are in Switzerland. If not, we can do this virtually, or we can discuss travel arrangements.
The Emotional Judgment Inventory is a useful addition to my test battery. Its assessment of emotional sensitivity, management, and expression offer particularly helpful insights about leadership and sales candidates. I can closely examine important characteristics that general personality inventories only measure indirectly.
Ralph Mortensen

Senior Consultant, Vantage Consulting

The EJI provides a well rounded view of an individual’s emotional intelligence in general, as well as his/her ability to influence and lead. Concrete, qualitative areas to develop are provided in a non-threatening language, making the EJI a valued tool when debriefing clients.
Dr. Gregory Wiens

Founder, Healthy Growing Churches

A solid fondation

When working with Coaching for Work, you rely on:

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EJI Certified

Certified Coach and ICF member
Test User Certified by the British Psychological Society

Get your teams to their best

Maximize the business relationships of your teams with EJI with a personalized and professional execution.